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United Streaming is fast becoming a favorite in a teacher’s arsenal of resource tools. The power of finding subject and age appropriate videos is key when you’re teaching 30 + students in a classroom. It is all about just-in-time learning!

The link: and enter your userid and password

My favorite uses:

  • My Content allows you to create your own playlist of videos, video segments, assignments, writing prompts and quizzes (go to the Teacher Tool section)
  • Downloading videos and video segments is very useful, especially given that the content is dynamic and videos can be removed from the site.
  • Embedding videos into PowerPoint, Google Earth and other programs is a very powerful use of United Streaming. If students have access to United Streaming, they can embed these into their own presentations.
  • Citations – each video, image, etc. contains reference information that students and teachers can use for creating bibliographies.
  • Images – there are tons of high resolution images that are very powerful to use with students.

When talking about video for educational use, a few other questions come up:

  • Our school district blocks YouTube and Google Video and sometimes there are some great educational videos. How can we access these at school? Simple answer, you can’t. What you can do is find the video on your home computer, copy the URL and get Zamzar to convert it for you to a downloadable file format.
  • United Streaming doesn’t have a lot of animations. Are there sites that have animations or simulations? There are a number of them. Some are subscription-based such as BrainPop and Gizmos. However, LearnAlberta is a great starting point. The BBC has some great stuff including French Podcasts, Grammar Skills and Revision sites.

Oh, and don’t forget about Teacher Tube!


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