Generations 2009 Charts

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Generation Y, aka the “Net Generation,” does not dominate every aspect of online life. That revealing statistic and many others like it come from Pew Internet and American Life’s recent “Generations Online” report which takes a look at how the different generations of users – from Millennials to the G.I. Generation – use the internet.

The web is still largely populated by younger generations as over half of those online are between the ages of 18 and 44 years old. But these days, larger percentages of older generations are going online and they are doing more activities while there.

According to Pew’s research, Generation X is most likely to shop, bank, and look for health information online, but boomers are just as likely as Gen Y to make travel reservations online. Even the older Silent Generation is competitive when it comes to email, although that could point to the fact that email is an activity that is trending older.

Source: Read and Write Web

In this study, the Generations are defined as follows:

  • Gen Y (millennials) – Born 1977-1990, Ages 18-32
  • Gen X – Born 1965-1976, Ages 33-44
  • Younger Boomers – Born 1955-1964, Ages 44-54
  • Older Boomers – Born 1946-1954, Ages 55-63
  • Silent Generation – Born 1937-1945, Ages 64-72
  • G.I. Generation – Born -1936, Age 73+

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