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If you’ve had a chance to check out (available as an application in StaffZone), then you know that it’s an easy-to-use and powerful tool that you can use for sharing with your colleagues.  Now you can also make sites that you create “public”, meaning that you can create a site for your class, a school group, a tournament…anything that you want to share with the public.  The difference between sites such as this one, and sites you make “public” are that the public ones are read-only and can’t be edited by users.  Only EPSB staff will be able to create and edit sites in, but you can give people outside of StaffZone access to them.  The good news – There’s nothing to sign up for as you already have a account through StaffZone, and it’s available at no cost to you or your school.
To make a site that you’ve created into a publicly viewable site, simply go to your site and click on “Site Settings“…”Share this site“, then check the box (shown below) to make that site public.  Sites that don’t have this box checked are only viewable (and findable) by those you’ve shared it with.  You can also use this page (below) to change any other sharing settings.  Remember that as the site owner YOU are responsible for any content on this site, so be sure you have copyright and FOIPP clearance for any media or information you post here.
To see the full instructions, read the post on the HELP site.

Classroom Site sample


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