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Let's all Share (as in

Q. What does it cost to use

A: There is no cost for staff to use this resource.

Q. Who can I phone if I have a question about

A: Because there is no cost, the support model is user-based.  Users can post questions to the HELP page, and other users may provide answers.

Q. How do I create my own site?

A: Go to using the webdesktop icon, select “Sites” and “Create a new site”.  From there it’s as easy as filling in a form.

Q. How much storage space do I have on

A: Each user has 6 GB of storage space, but there is a 10 MB limit on each file.

Q: Where are my files stored when I upload them to a site?

A: Your files are stored off-site (off-continent) on Google servers.  For this reason it is recommended that you always back-up your files to either your school network or local hard disk.  Share is for just that…sharing – not for being the sole location to store files.

Q: What kinds of files can I upload to sites?

A: You can upload most types of files, including Smart notebook files, Office files, music, videos, etc.  Do NOT upload files with student information as the files are stored off-site.  You CAN upload photos, videos of students as long as it fits within the FOIPP guidelines that the student has signed for your school.  This is an internal web site (for FOIPP purposes).


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