Google’s Eye Tracking Study

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Google posted an update about its eye tracking usability studies today. Most of the results are not exactly groundbreaking. It is, for example, no surprise that most users only scan the first couple of search results. Indeed, most Google users don’t seem to scan much further than the second result. There are, however, some interesting nuggets of information in this post about how Google uses this data to study every aspect of its search results page. Courtesy of ReadWriteWeb blog.

One Response to “Google’s Eye Tracking Study”

  1. One of the pionneers of the eye traqcking technique was the Neilsen-Norman Group. They are kind of the industry gurus in web usability. While it is difficult to get a quick look at the results of their eye tracking research(they charge for their research) it is interesting to look at the design of their website ( Assuming that they use the results of their research in the design of their own website, you can draw some conclusions about what they found out. I sense a similarity in their design and Google’s.

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