Innovative Classroom Grant

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In May 2008, Alberta Education announced new funding to try and get data projectors into as many classrooms in the province as possible. Here’s what their memo said:

Alberta Education will invest $18.5 million per year over the next three years to support the further integration of technology into Alberta’s classrooms. These innovative and engaging learning environments will support teachers in helping students to develop the skills they need for global citizenship, lifelong learning, and participation in the world of work.

Alberta Education’s vision is to ensure that all Grade 1 to 12 classrooms in Alberta are equipped with the key technologies that support innovative teaching and learning – an instructional computer and data projection device (digital projector and/or electronic smart board). Research has shown that innovative teaching methods that couple multimedia content with data projection devices and/or smart boards increase student engagement in what they are learning, foster creativity, and motivate students to actively participate in their classes. Using these technologies also improve students’ information and communication technology skills – which are becoming increasingly important in our dynamic global environment. (Alberta Education, May 2008).

Now this doesn’t mean that every classroom needs a SMART Board, as some of the rumours have it. Even if the ministry had provided school districts with enough money to do this, would we want to? There are several reasons why you would want to, and many reasons why not to as well. We’ve thought about a lot of these questions and have put together a pretty comprehensive FAQ section on the DT site, as well as several videos showing some of your options to consider. Visit and look under “Grants” or “TIPS Team” for details.



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