Do Interactive Whiteboards create interactive students?

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— by Randy Lyseng

Just read a very compelling article from Wesley Fryer talking about the “lure” of technology in the classroom and the myth that tools such as Interactive Whiteboards will keep students engaged and entertained in the classroom. His article is based on a conversation he had recently had with a parent and this parents’ belief that such technologies would be so beneficial for her child.

This is a great reminder that it’s not the tool that will engage the student, it’s how the teacher will use a variety of tools and strategies  to engage the student.  This picture shows a great example of how it could be interactive.

Here’s Fryer’s blog post appropriately called  Interactive technology access does not guarantee good teaching and learning.

Via the Speed of Creativity blog.

Update (October 20, 2009):  In a similar vein, see the latest post from Fryer:  No, just having IWBs does not make learning engaging

Even better, see Dr. Jon Becker’s five part “Peer-review of Marzano’s IWB Study” from this summer: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.



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