Energy Conservation TIPS

In Planning on October 23, 2009 by TIPS Team Tagged:

Power Plant

Power Plant

The TIPS team would like to remind everyone that technology in the classroom does leave an environmental footprint.  While it may be necessary to leave your workstation running over the weekend if you are using remote desktop, it is not necessary to leave the monitor on.  Interactive white boards and other accessories do not need to be powered on when not in use either.  If there is any way that you can get the standby light to go off (especially over the weekend) then small amounts of power can be saved which add up over the 1500+ of these devices that exist in our schoolboard.  Out in the cloud there is much discussion about the power consumption at the hundreds of massive data centres that have sprung up.  InfoExecutive has an article that talks about how some of these server farms are seeking carbon offsets by setting up in British Columbia and Quebec where power is 100% hydroelectric.  An article in Data Centre Knowledge refers to studies that indicate that there are efficencies to be gained by turning up the thermostat inside these large data centres.  It costs money and creates carbon dioxide in order to keep these machines cool, so the warmer that you can keep them the less it costs.


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