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In Uncategorized on November 24, 2009 by TIPS Team

While we love WordPress and the cool things you can do with it, we’ve found that using a public SITE in Share gives us the ability to make posts, list the blog on the SITES list for all staff and students in Edmonton Public Schools, push out an RSS feed, and model the use of the secure tools we’ll be providing to staff and students through StaffZone and the student portals.  A few of the features we like about SITES in Share are:

  • the ability to create a blog site from a custom template.  We’ve made a Simple Blog Template, and have shared it with a few consultants so that they can modify and edit it to make it better. 
templates in share
New features for templates in EPSB
  • ease of access:  for staff members creating a blog, they can easily restrict access to a group of colleagues or whoever they like by email address.  One click makes it public on the www, and it can be turned off just as easily.
  • for schools on the student portal project, this makes it simple to blog with your students as they already will have accounts in Share, and you can easily create a closed community of students in your class (if you like) for them to securely share.

Have a look at our new blog at , or subscribe to the RSS feed.


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