When we talk about effectively integrating technology into teaching and learning, the focus must always be on pedagogy and how technology can support good teaching practice. Research shows teachers who effectively use computers in their classrooms can clearly relate the use of technology to their instructional strategy for their own subject. In other words, they teach geography (or history, biology, art…) with computers rather than deliver ICT.1 Their reason for using technology is not to prepare students for some future information age, but because it supports the nature of the learning in any subject area.

To assist schools, District Technology has put together a team of experienced teachers who will work directly with staff to coordinate the integration of technology into their educational planning processes.  The TIPS Team will assist school leaders in developing a vision for technology to support the work they are already doing and the work they want to be able to do.  The team will work closely with ITS, Consulting Services, Facilities and Purchasing to facilitate successful implementation of this plan.

The process is initiated with a focused conversation about the school vision and educational goals.  In the next phase we will assist in the development of a professional learning strategy to support teachers in technology integration. The school infrastructure will be assessed against the technical requirements of the plan.  A phased technology acquisition plan will be developed, considering current and future needs and resources to support sustainability.

Our team goal is to work collaboratively to move all schools forward so that integrating technology becomes a natural part of their educational planning.

For more information on TIPS, contact one a member of the TIPS team, or visit the District Technology website.


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