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TIPS on Web 2.0

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We’ve been busy cross-posting our information using a variety of Web 2.0 tools. You can now access our info on:

TIPS Resources Site on
Our New YouTube Channel
Follow us on Twitter for tidbits of information
A link to our RSS feed (blog posts)– simply post this URL into your favorite RSS reader

Happy reading, tweeting, blogging and viewing! ūüôā



Is Google reading my mind? Some new Share tools are just what I was thinking…

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One of the great things about “cloud computing” tools is that there are no software updates to install or new version announcements…not with Google Apps (we call them Share Apps) anyway. One day you’ll be thinking, “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if you could get an RSS feed from a site”, or “It’s such a hassle to recreate that list page for every meeting we have, why can you make it once and save it as a template!”

Well, what I’ve found is that the folks at Google pretty much must be monitoring my thoughts because sure enough, I thought those things (along with the other members of our team) last week, and sure enough, there they are.

With RSS feeds, you’ll now be able to use your favourite RSS reader to monitor your Share sites (for updates, changes, or comments) instead of relying on the “subscribe to changes” emails ending up in your Share Mail ( inbox.

With the page templates, I can spend some quality time designing a page, then make it a template for my site.  Very useful if you have made a class blog, for example.   If you find other cool ways to use these new features (or old features), be sure to SHARE them on the Share HELP site for staff & students.  Everyone in EPS had editing rights to that site, and anyone can see it on the web.

Terry from the TIPS team.

Here’s what Google had to say about these new features:

(By the way, I keep up with what’s new with apps by following this page.)

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Articles student portal hits schools

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Six district schools are currently using the student portal, which provides student at those sites with access to the same group of Share (Google) Apps tools that teachers have had access to for the last year.  While staff use Staffzone to get to their Share content, students will use to access these collaborative tools.  A move towards cloud computing and away from desktop applications (such as MS Office) will allow for greater flexibility with devices (e.g. Mac, iPod, Linux, etc.) and with where students can access their online tools.  For an overview of the project, visit the Share HELP site Рthis provides an overview of the Share (Google) Apps for staff and students.



Frequently Asked Questions about

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Let's all Share (as in

Q. What does it cost to use

A: There is no cost for staff to use this resource.

Q. Who can I phone if I have a question about

A: Because there is no cost, the support model is user-based.  Users can post questions to the HELP page, and other users may provide answers.

Q. How do I create my own site?

A: Go to using the webdesktop icon, select “Sites” and “Create a new site”.¬† From there it’s as easy as filling in a form.

Q. How much storage space do I have on

A: Each user has 6 GB of storage space, but there is a 10 MB limit on each file.

Q: Where are my files stored when I upload them to a site?

A: Your files are stored off-site (off-continent) on Google servers.  For this reason it is recommended that you always back-up your files to either your school network or local hard disk.  Share is for just that…sharing Рnot for being the sole location to store files.

Q: What kinds of files can I upload to sites?

A: You can upload most types of files, including Smart notebook files, Office files, music, videos, etc.  Do NOT upload files with student information as the files are stored off-site.  You CAN upload photos, videos of students as long as it fits within the FOIPP guidelines that the student has signed for your school.  This is an internal web site (for FOIPP purposes).


Easily creating websites for the public in Share

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If you’ve had a chance to check out (available as an application in StaffZone), then you know that it’s an easy-to-use and powerful tool that you can use for sharing with your colleagues.¬† Now you can also make sites that you create “public”, meaning that you can create a site for your class, a school group, a tournament…anything that you want to share with the public.¬† The difference between sites such as this one, and sites you make “public” are that the public ones are read-only and can’t be edited by users.¬† Only EPSB staff will be able to create and edit sites in, but you can give people outside of StaffZone access to them.¬† The good news – There’s nothing to sign up for as you already have a account through StaffZone, and it’s available at no cost to you or your school.
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Advice for students considering buying or bringing their own device to school?

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Schools who have EPSB reliable, filtered, wireless network that students will be able to connect to with their own devices.  While this device could be an i- Touc h, a laptop, or a netbook, there are few key things you should keep in mind if you are considering bringing your own device to school:
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Let’s all Share (as in….

In Tools on August 31, 2009 by TIPS Team Tagged: is Google Apps Enterprise edition (for education). This suite of online tools provides staff with access to SITES – a wiki for creating your own websites for sharing resources and ideas, as well as shared DOCS – online docs, spreadsheets and presentations. Use the link to the HELP section on the START page to access online tutorials on how to use these tools.

All resources, including SITES, DOCS, MAIL, and CALENDAR are provided at no cost to EPSB staff through StaffZone. To provide these tools at no cost, the support for these services is only available online from this site (NOT from the ITS Help Desk or your ITS Tech). If you have a question that you cannot find an answer for, post it under one of the HELP sections to the left and another user might be able to help. When searching for help on a particular topic, use the “Search Site” box at the top right. This will search for results inside of this HELP site. If you can’t find help here, you’ll find it in the Google Apps HELP site.