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TIPS on Web 2.0

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We’ve been busy cross-posting our information using a variety of Web 2.0 tools. You can now access our info on:

TIPS Resources Site on
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Happy reading, tweeting, blogging and viewing! 🙂



The Fear of Change

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– by Randy Lyseng

Change is all around us.  In the words of Karl Fisch, Shift Happens!  (see the latest Did You Know video on YouTube.  But how do we respond to teachers who grapple with technology change in the classroom?

On the ISTE Connects Blog this morning, I found a great post about Dennis Baron’s new book  A Better Pencil. Here’s an excerpt of the post:

His new book takes a look at people’s fear of computers having a negative impact on various aspects of human interaction, including common complaints that instant messaging (IM) is ruining the English language and that Facebook is causing us to be anti-social. Baron argues that we don’t need to be concerned. He feels computers are improving writing and actually making us more social. And what I found to be most interesting is his view that this fear of ‘changing technology’ is nothing new.

And it’s true…it is nothing new.  In the final phase of my student teaching, my cooperating teacher used the Gestetner printer and refused to use the photocopier. I preferred using Mechanical pencils in University vs. the standard HB.  I was able to use a calculator in my grade 12 diploma exam…this first year it was allowed (1985).  Some teachers are petrified of using the new SMARTBoard in their class and prefer to use the overhead and project it on their SMARTBoard instead.

Megan Dolman, the author of the post on ISTE Connects provides us with some great advice for working these hesitant teachers:

When you come up against people that are hesitant to implement technology it may be a good idea to remember what Baron is saying: this fear of new communication tools is as old as the pencil. Reassure them that just as the telephone didn’t lessen the need or desire for face-to-face conversations, Facebook and other social media won’t either!

The times…well they are always changing.


People to follow on Web2.0

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Here are some key people to follow on via Twitter and RSS (blogs) on implications and integration strategies for using Web 2.0 tools.

Big picture stuff would be Don Tapscott –


Teaching with Twitter?

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Just read a great post from Ewan MacIntosh’s blog about the power of social media used by teens and a recent example in Moldavia. He also talked about the English Government’s plans to ‘teach Twitter’ and the perhaps better-formed plans of the Scottish Government to include text messaging and social networks language in the fabric of language teaching and learning [pdf].


David Warlick

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Today is a pretty exciting day. It’s David Warlick day!  Here is some information that he shared today:

Quotes from today’s session:

  • “We are preparing our children for a future we can not clearly describe.”
  • “We have 21st century learners in a 19th century school system.”
  • “Kids take their conversations with them and always stay connected with their friends.”
  • “The best skill to teach our children is to teach themselves.

David’s Twitter-like application “Knitter” was a great way of getting people involved in on-line discussions, including students, teachers and administrators.  Here’s David’s post about his day in Edmonton.