The Team

District Technology's TIPS Team

District Technology's TIPS Team

Terry Korte, M. Ed.

Terry has been a teacher for 16 years, the first 10 of which as a CTS teacher at Medicine Hat High School. While there he lead the technology committee and was a member of his district’s Telus 2Learn team, providing technology integration inservices to staff in the region. He moved to Edmonton in 2004 to pursue a M. Ed. degree, and was a sessional instructor in the Faculty of Education until he joined District Technology in 2005.

In District Technology Terry has been the project lead for several Alberta Education projects. He is responsible for every aspect of the Emerge 1 to 1 Wireless learning project, as well as several other projects including the implementation of Share (Google) Apps, and the Student Portal.

Terry’s educational background includes Bachelors degrees in Commerce and Education, and a M. Ed. from the University of Alberta in Secondary Education.  His Master’s thesis titled “Teacher perceptions of teaching and learning with laptops” was based on research conducted in three district schools.

IMG_0158Randy Lyseng, M. Ed.

Randy comes to District Technology with 9 years as a seasoned French Immersion teacher at the Junior High level. In his previous role as the Educational Technology consultant for Consulting Services, Randy worked with administrators, teachers, students and parents on ways to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning. He was involved in a number of district-level projects, including AISI Learning with Technologies, Assistive Technology for Learning, Wireless Mobility Technology and the TELUS Learning Connection.

In his new role as TIPS consultant, Randy will continue to work with schools, but not as a professional development provider. His main role will be to help schools develop sustainable technology plans, however he is also involved in the research and development of district initiatives (United Streaming, Webinar and LMS technology).

Randy’s educational background includes a B.A. from Universite Laval, a B.Ed. Faculte St. Jean and a M.Ed. from the University of Alberta in Educational Administration and Leadership.

IMG_0161 Aaron Muller, B. Ed.

Aaron has been a teacher for 7 years with Edmonton Public Schools. While teaching in the classroom Aaron utilized his knowledge of subject matter, teaching, learning, assessment and technology to facilitate authentic experiences that created self directed learners in both face-to-face and virtual environments. Using his expertise in assessment and technology, Aaron has presented for the: Alberta Assessment Consortium, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium. He was the lead teacher on his most recent school’s technology committee which helped design, develop and evaluate teaching practices using wireless technology and interactive white boards. In addition to being a member of the TIPS Team, Aaron is also a member of the Project Leadership Team for the AISI Assessment Project.

nuritNurit Reshef, Ph.D.

Since joining EPSB in 1991, Nurit has worked as a teacher, curriculum coordinator, and consultant. Prior to that, Nurit was a High School teacher in Israel, a Teaching Assistant at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta.

Nurit’s areas of expertise span instructional technology and second languages. As a member of the Telus 2 Learn team, she delivered Technology Integration in-services to EPSB staff. In addition, Nurit was involved in developing Internet curricular resources, and Tele-Collaborative projects.

As a consultant with District Technology, Nurit initiates and leads various projects. For example, she helps schools integrate emerging technologies, such as videoconferencing, Smartboards, and Student Response System. In 2008, she is the Project Manager of the Technology and High School Success Initiative.

CraigCraig Schneider, BSc, BEd

Since joining Edmonton Public Schools in 1992 as a Junior High French Immersion teacher Craig has taught a variety of subjects in grades 6 through 10. Positions as a Curriculum Coordinator for Technology Integration and Assistant Principal led to a 3 year secondment to the Learnalberta project at Alberta Education where he oversaw the translation of French language Math and Science resources.

Craig first worked with District Technology as a member of the Telus 2 Learn team and has recently joined the department as a member of the TIPS Team.
Craig has a Degree in Meteorology from the University of Alberta and a Après diplôme in Education from Faculté St. Jean.


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